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My self

Name Lischer
Prename Heidi
Birthday 11.11.1985
e-mail heidi.lischer(at)iee.unibe.ch
Adress (privat) Bergheim
6216 Mauensee
Adress (CMPG) Room D305
Computational and Molecular Population Genetics Lab
Institute of Ecology and Evolution
Baltzerstrasse 6
3012 Bern
Tel. Room D305 +41 31 631 30 28

My web page at the CMPG institut


Research interests:

My main interests are in evolutionary and population genetics, as well as in Bioinformatics and behavioral biology.
In my Bachelor thesis I developed a web interface to the program PATHMATRIX, called Pathmatrix online. The computation of effective distance is of great interest in the study of the interactions between landscape features and micro evolutionary processes. With Pathmatrix online, one can easily compute least-cost distances between entered sample locations.
In my Master thesis I developed an R interface for the graphical display of Arlequin outputs, which is called R-lequin. It add value and help interpreting results from large Arlequin analysis. Further I developed a new Population Genetics Data format (PGD), which should facilitate the transfer of data among several population genetic software packages. A also wrote the software program PGDSpider. It is a file format converter and facilitates the exchange of data between different population genetics applications and file formats. PGDSpider, as the name indicates, uses the new data format PGD (Population Genetics Data). It is very easy to use because it consists of a simple and self explaining graphical user interface.

Curriculum vitae

2009- PhD thesis under supervision of Gerald Heckel, Division of Population Genetics, Institute of Ecology and Evolution at University of Bern
2007-2009 Master of Science (MSc) in Ecology and Evolution, Division of Population Genetics under supervision of Laurent Excoffier, University of Bern
2004-2007 Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Biology, University of Bern


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